Custom ASIC

Running Analog/RF ASIC (ADPP Program)

Running Analog/RF ASIC (ADPP Program)

1. 5G multichannel Transmitter and Receiver ASIC

  • ULP ASIC for 5G Wireless application
  • Multi Channel RF transceiver with AFE having 12-bit DACs and ADCs 
  • TX band: 700MHz-6 GHz band
  • RX band: 700MHz-6GHz band
  • Supports TDD and FDD operation 
  • Tunablechannel bandwidth: 200Khz to 100MHz
  • N receivers: Nx2 differential inputs for External LNA Interfacing
  • RX gain control 
  • Real-time monitor and control signals for manual gain
  • Independent automatic gain control
  • N transmitters: N differential outputs for External PA interfacing
  • Highly linear broadband transmitter
  • Integrated fractional-N synthesizers
  • Multichip synchronization

2. ULP ASIC for Energy Exploration application

  • Integrated high precision data converters with processing capability

3. Analog Front end for Precision Application

  • Integrated ULP AFE having 24b ADC with dynamic range of 124dB



  • Telecom 

  • Industrial

  • Energy 

  • IoT

  • ULP Machine Learning