Our Products

  • Custom ASIC

    Why custom ASIC is required

    The system cost can be optimized in a big way by designing custom ASIC. The major advantages in custom ASIC are 

    • Dedicated optimized functionality yet with flexibility
    • Cost optimized
    • Breakeven within several thousand parts and then profitable
    • Edge over competition and better product
    • Security, reliability and system reduction

    Vervesemi Offer  for Custom ASIC

    Vast Analog and mixed signal design experience enables Vervesemi to optimize the system and help customer gain 4-5x gain in system cost with performance optimized and unique features  embedded. We offer 

    • Analog Intensive ASIC
    • Mixed Signal ASIC

    Engagement Model

    • Turnkey based ASIC development, silicon validated samples (few hundred to thousand) and customer engages in mass production with Vervesemi support
    • Complete ASIC responsibility including samples, mass production and support of product till product life.


  • Analog & RF IPs

    Vervesemi caters to industry analog and RF need. Vervesemi offers high speed & high accuracy Ultra-Low power Data Converters, RF and Analog solutions.

    Covering range of Data Converters 

    • Low/medium speed ADC: up-to 16b ranging from Few Ksps to 10MHz 
    • High speed ADC: 10-14b accuracy ranging from few MHz to GHz
    • High speed DAC: 10-14b accuracy ranging from few MHz to GHz
    • Sigma Delta converters
      • low speed high resolution up-to 130dB dynamic range
      • Various flavours of Audio ADC/DAC/CODEC (continuous time, discrete time)

    RF Frontend

    With our innovative solutions and the in-depth system knowledge of our team we provide a wide range of RF solutions according to the need of our customers. The solution includes sub 6GHz Radio for 5G.

    Sensor Frontend

    Vervesemi offers Configurable analog front-end to enable interfacing with multiple sensor types with excellent noise performance

    With extensive experience on various sensor front end of Audio, Video, MEMS, NFC, hard disk drive, precision (with 124dB & 132dB SNR embedded ADC), temperature sensors, Vervesemi offers customized AFE for various sensor technology & target specifications.

    Analog IPs

    Vervesemi offers PMU, Thermal sensor and clocking solution for various application

    Engagement Model

    Analog IP engagement is through Licensing the IP asset and Turnkey development. IP asset through licensing are qualified in selected foundry. We are committed to do the Turnkey IP development based on the specification from customer. In both the cases, a close co-operation and support up-to silicon qualification is ensured. Our IPs are developed keeping in view of ease of portability in other foundries. The IP team is capable of porting into other foundry with fast turnaround time. 

      The IPs cost charging model is one time licensing per product or it can be one time licensing cost & Royalty based. Any one of these charging model is available as per customer suitability.

      We aim to be preferred IP supplier to major foundries and serve various fabless product company with fast cycle time and first time silicon success.

    • IP Assets for licensing :: The off-the-shelf data converters and analog IP are available for licensing. The purchase is black box model with Datasheet, Model,  GDS, CDL, key silicon/simulation results.
    • Turnkey IP development :: Vervesemi commits specs to silicon development support for request under “Turnkey based development of IP” as per customer requirements.


  • Signal processing

    Vervesemi has expertise in algorithm and complex signal processing architecture and implementation using MATLAB and digital tools. Some key example is as below 

    • Calibration algorithm for ADC & DAC
    • FFT/IFFT/Complex signal processing Computation and bit accurate MATLAB models
    • MATLAB modeling of various systems including ADC
    • Digital Filters
    • RISC-V CPU Core with external interfaces
    • Sine Wave Generator with SPI control
    • Communication interfaces
  • Standalone ICs

    Vervesemi develops standalone analog and mixed signal ICs differentiated by performance and cost for mixed signal market segment. The functionality includes high accuracy and high speed data converters from 10 bit up-to 32 bit accuracy targeting specific applications. 

  • Analog Filters

    Analog baseband filters for wideband RF receivers and transmitters for 4G/5G radio

  • Microcontrollers

    Analog peripheral intensive MCUs with RISC-V, embedded filters and signal processing

Our Services

  • RISC V based Microcontrollers

    Our experienced Design team ensures developing microcontrollers of high quality and high speed based on the RISC-V for various applications according to the requirements.

  • RF Frontend

    With our innovative solutions and the in-depth system knowledge of our team we provide a wide range of RF solutions according to the need of our customers.

  • Sensor Frontend

    We provide high performance solutions at competitive rates while ensuring the best Quality for our customers.

  • System-On-Chip(SOC)

    Vervesemi is committed to bring futuristic approach to IC design company. We offer inclusive and professional end-toend SoC (System-on-Chip) design services for various applications

  • ADC & DAC (Data-converters)

    • A key area of Vervesemi core expertise is data converters, particularly high-performance ADCs.
    • Our ADC designs form the backbone of many cutting edge designs, providing data conversions with high signal fidelity, low power and low silicon area.
    • Application specific ADC and DAC IPs from low power to high-speed to highresolution ranging from 8-bit to 24-bit.
    • Custom hybrid AD converters for application specific product requirements.